Team Showker


Team Showker is a team that is constantly adapting to new changes.  Scroll down to get more information!


All of our streamers all on one page! We will feature streamers on our social header button!


The main source of live updated feedback and post match analysis. We want to make everything transparent!


A great source for watching more from the members of Team Showker, Update videos, montages, and much more!


In December of 2018 Team Showker was merely a thought. Months later, Kyle Wittkowski (Founder/CEO) made everything from scratch. The hardest part was the logo and the name. Kyle got inspired by the Movie How to Train Your Dragons and made the mascot a two-faced dragon. The name came from one of Kyle’s first buildings he ever took a class from at James Madison University – Showker Hall.

Team Showker is for aspiring players out there that want to take their game play to the next level.  We understand our position in the market so our goals and expectations are more realistic to the masses.  We intend to fully expand our horizons and do our best to make this team the best it can possibly be!  We will be the best we can be, and never give up on our dream!